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About Develop India Foundation (DIF)

Develop India Foundation is a voluntary Non Governmental Organization, registered under Indian Trust Act 1882,established on 27th December 2014 for Socio Economic development of India.

Develop India Foundation aims to encourage a common man, Community and the corporate to come out & contribute towards the under privilege society to end the “Development GAP ” make the nation free from three biggest enemies Poverty; Illiteracy and Unemployment ,transforming Lives by Educating,Empowering and Enabling the community Development.
Social reform and development Initiatives of Develop India foundation are guided by fundamental principle of Human Values Equality,Justice,Human Right and Universal Brotherhood.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to act as an organisation that shall serve as a single point solution to every needs and problems faced by the youth of this country. We campaign to bring about a revolution in the country so as to ignite every young mind towards pursuing their purpose of life and in the process helping others realise it. We create situations for individual to climb ladders of success and enjoy a sense of freedom that they had always dreamt of.

Our Vision

We envision creating a network that shall connect every house in the country so that no to enable all individual to be able to face challenges and hardships in life. Our vision revolves around empowering the youth in order to ensure a holistic development both in their academics and professional life so that they act as torch bearers and lead the country with a staunch vision.

Objective of Develop India Foundation

The broad aims and objectives of Develop India based on which it has been established, are:

1. To work towards maintaining social harmony and Overall Development of India.


2. To carry out various child development projects to provide opportunities for the proper development of children. Also to implement various schemes relating to family welfare, nutritious food, primary education, health, entertainment etc., for the intellectual, psychological and physical development of the children.

3. To implement and co-ordinate various projects aimed towards development and maintenance of environment, plantations and all other projects/issues for dealing bio-diversities , to work for conservation of soil and energy and also to carry out research activities.

4. To promote moral and ethical values through social and educational institutions for inculcating self-discipline and developing an ideal National character.

5. To achieve complete literacy and to work for promotion of education; to implement a job-oriented and labour-based educational system; to coordinate, manage and run such educational institutions for meeting the needs, aspirations and welfare of every section of society.

6. Organising Community-based Blood Donation and also Generate Awareness about significances of Blood Donation to save life by making timely availability of the required blood.

7. To identify such historical, cultural and spiritual/religious places of ancient India, known as symbols of social integrity and to work for their protection and conservation and also to establish and manage cultural and spiritual institutions.

8. To bring about social awareness and to take steps, with the cooperation of Administration as well as public, against corruption, injustice, atrocities and wrongful acts.

9. To impart training to socially and economically backward communities, tribes, women and landless/small farmers, for the proper exploitation of natural resources and develop non-agriculture sources of income. Also to organize them into Small Saving Groups and to educate them for working together.

10. To manage and implement all Governmental and non-governmental schemes meant for human welfare and to secure financial and other assistance from National and International agencies/organizations.

11. To carry out various schemes for the development of handicraft and to arrange for necessary training and availability of techniques for artisans to make them self-reliant.

Our Team

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