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Develop India Foundation is a voluntary Non- Governmental Organization. DIF aims to encourage a common man, Community and the corporate to come out & contribute towards the society to end the “Development GAP ” make the nation free from three biggest enemies Poverty; Illiteracy and Unemployment.

Activities of Develop India are guided by the fundamental principle of Universal peace, justice, human rights advocacy, education, health, employment and women’s empowerment. There is much work ahead of us, but we aspire to deliver equality of access and esteem to all children, irrespective of their social, cultural or religious backgrounds. We realize that a majority of the countries is not half as privileged as we are, and we cannot keep waiting for the government to take charge and provide assistance.

The Develop India Foundation was set in 2014 with a vision of developing underprivileged Women & youth for the sustainable & profitable growth of the nation.


To carry out various child development projects to provide opportunities for the proper development of children. There are many children, who cannot afford even the meagre fees to attend school. For some students, their parents simply do not see the need.
DIF-Vidyanjali program is to help reach the needs of these children. Any child who shows up is given basic education in mathematics, reading, writing, and English. Education.

Life Skill Education: Apart from academics session Children under the project are being trained on vital aspects of personality development like behaviour and etiquette, hygiene, reproductive health, good values and habits, social concerns. They are also being given training on art, craft, dance and drama through workshops and cultural programmes.

Scholarship Programme: A special annual scholarship been instituted by Develop India Foundation for 10 most outstanding students who are going to be mainstreamed into formal schools.

It is wonderful to see how many children show up voluntarily for these classes, and to see how enthusiastic they are about learning all that they can.
Project Vidyanjali with the help of volunteers is providing remedial education to underprivileged kids.


To restore their rightful and dignified status, DIF have initiated women empowerment programs. Strategically developed, three-level project that aims at strengthening a woman’s demeanor towards life herself. Beginning from the roots, the first step is to provide remedial education to young women second is to provide an essential degree of exposure along with professional training, and third is equipping girls with confidence and guide for a popular platform to sell their skill. Besides this, the program also targets development in ways of financial issues by organizing various workshops based on easily marketable skills that enable poor women to self-generate employment. Gender Equality sessions, Self Defense training, confidence building and Health awareness campaigns for women are organized every now and then which range from the maintain hygiene, spreading awareness about causes of Health issues.

Awakening Women’s focuses on empowering women of all age groups, by proving basic resources and strengthening their skills to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle, and regain stability and positivity.


The broad aims and objectives of Develop India based on which it has been established are:
It is a great old saying “HEALTH IS WEALTH” By health means the absence of physical troubles only. But it is a state complete physical; mental and social well-being. Health Care helps underprivileged to understand the importance of primary & preventive health care to protect first our self, our. Develop India Foundation impart free Hygiene awareness and Health camps to the people of slum & poor areas to make them understand the fundamentals of Healthy Living & few simple rules of hygiene.


Creating jobs for young people is a major challenge around the world, which has been further, exacerbated by the global financial crisis.. Underprivileged children, youth & females are deprived of education & basic necessities due to socio economic conditions Career Counseling & Mentoring plays a vital role in providing the necessary education & market focused programs to bridge the gap between demand & supply of skilled manpower in the modern & fast growing market sectors of the nation It is one of the unique initiatives of DIF in an Endeavour to inspire and motivating youth into becoming leaders of tomorrow. We have undertaken various activities in and around Delhi NCR in joint association with our corporate partners from the likes Crafting Paradise, Sparx Global Pvt Ltd and other B schools. Our mentoring sessions and workshops are regularly conducted in various schools, colleges and societies for students and young kids. With a humble beginning Project DIF has successfully trained nearly 500 students in different colleges.


To work towards maintaining social harmony and Overall Development of India Sharing with Care for people & planet
DIF Share2Care - project
There is disparity of resource availability where, a little gesture of Sharing with care can have big difference in the life of need. We work towards nullifying the misbalance caused by us, our society, and people; and urge the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and realize” mentality in living our daily lives here on our beautiful planet Earth .It is a united sustainable effort that works through your valuable contributions Our idea was to take mild used stationery toys, clothes winter wear and footwear that are not needed any more and give them to the not so fortunate ones, and to do so by building a unique network all over India. Procures and distributes the non-cash resources to schools, orphanages, hospitals and slums for the betterment of women and children in India. We organize old stuff collection drive in corporate houses, residential housing societies, shopping malls, Cinema halls, schools, colleges. We have several dedicated teams who look after different phases of work. Books, stationary, clothes, utensils, electrical appliances (Mobile, computer), bed sheets, toys, blankets, shoes, sporting goods. Anything in good condition that you don’t use anymore might help someone in need. These items will be sorted, repaired, sewed, packaged, transported and distributed to the rural areas & urban slums throughout India.

Through Facebook we have been able to collect clothes ,toys and stationery has already distributed the same by success fully conduction over 30 Share&Care drives across the connected cities helping to about more than 2000 people to date.

Develop India Foundation has a group of young volunteers in various cities and states including New Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow ,jhasi,Kanpur,ranchi,gaya,meerut,Ghaziabad,Sonipat, Noida, and Greater Noida.

Social media is a platform to connect to the masses and we are lucky to live in this day and age where we can connect to people across the world and share our ideas on Inspiring Kind Indian an FB Group of Develop India Foundation urges the others to do the same by giving away the excesses in their cupboards to the people who would actually use them.


Inspiring Kind Indian #DIF Group is focused to honor and Highlight the real Act of Kindness & Humanity.

We Share stories on FB Group of Kindness and Inspiring Kind Indian with Picture to sensitize and Inspire the society. #BekindandHelpOthers @DIF
Volunteer @ : http://developindiafoundation.in


  • To work towards maintaining social harmony and Overall Development of India.

  • To work towards elimination of practice of Child Labour and to take appropriate steps for their rehabilitation.

  • To carry out various child development projects to provide opportunities for the proper development of children. Also to implement various schemes relating to family welfare, nutritious food, primary education, health, entertainment etc., for the intellectual, psychological and physical development of the children.